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18 Students

1 Teacher

1 Teacher Assistant





Paid Extended Day


8:00am 9:00am


3:20pm - 6:00pm

Our goal is to advance your child’s emotional, social, and academic skills while providing a welcoming learning environment. Below are some of the skills children will develop in Pre-K while playing with their friends:

  • Language Arts and Literacy: learn new vocabulary, listen to, discuss and retell stories, left to right progression when reading and writing, letter and letter sounds identification.

  • Math Concepts: counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, measurement and Data, identifying and describing shapes, number names and the counting sequence, simple addition and subtraction, patterns, measuring, and sorting.

  • Science: ask questions and make predictions based on observations and manipulation of things and events in the environment, test predictions through exploration and experimentation, observe and describe characteristics of earth, space, and living things, and acquire knowledge about the physical properties of the world.

  • Social Studies: respect themselves and others as well as the preschool community; wait one’s turn to speak and play; demonstrate an understanding of roles, rights, and responsibilities. Children will develop an understanding of how people and things changover time and how to relate past events to their present and future activities, demonstrate interest and awareness about a wide variety of careers and work environments.

  • Visual and Performing Arts: children will express themselves and represent what theknow, think, believe, and feel through visual arts and creative movement; engage in musical activities, participate in a variety of activities to represent fantasy and real-life experiences.

  • Fine Motor Skills: manipulate small objects, paint, draw, perfect their pencil grip and letter formation (writing) and cutting.

  • Gross Motor Skills: children will run, jump, walk, hop, climb, balance, pedal a tricycle, kick, throw and catch a ball, push, and pull.


For more information, please read our Parent Handbook posted in the Forms tab.

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