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Two's Program






12 Students

1 Teacher

1 Teacher Assistant



Paid Extended Day

4:00pm - 6:00pm

We believe that play is the work of young children and that it provides a rich curriculum to engage each child on a social, emotional, physical, and cognitive level. During the year, your child will start to develop skills to work independently in small and large groups. Teachers and teacher assistants will create an atmosphere in which your child will feel secure and comfortable.

We begin the year by building friendships. Children learn to separate from their parents through a gentle process of adjustment, and come to love the routines, excitement, and independence at school.


At Kaleidoscope:

  • The child’s background is developed through varied experiences in dramatic play, science, math, literacy, social studies, and sharing periods.
  • The program gives numerous opportunities for independent thinking by providing situations and activities that require the child to solve simple problems and to make their own decisions.
  • Our musical and creative movement activities such as dancing, singing, listening and moving to music, and musical games develop creativity, auditory discrimination and visual perception.


For more information, please read our Parent Handbook posted in the Forms tab.

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