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15 Students

1 Teacher

1 Teacher Assistant


Paid Extended Day


8:00am 9:00am


3:20pm - 6:00pm

Our goal is to advance your child’s emotional, social, and academic skills while providing a welcoming learning environment. Below are some of the skills children will continue develop in 3K while playing with their friends:


  • Language Arts and Literacy: learn new vocabulary, listen to and discuss stories, letter identification.

  • Math Concepts: number names, counting, cardinality, sorting, patterns, non-standard measurement, simple Data collection and processing, identification of shapes, simple addition and subtraction. 

  • Fine Motor Skills: manipulating small objects, painting, drawing, pencil grip, letter formation (writing), and use of scissors.

  • Gross Motor Skills: children will run, jump, walk, hop, climb, balance, pedal a tricycle, kick, throw and catch a ball, push, and pull.

  • Science: with teachers’ prompt and support, children will be encouraged to ask questions and make predictions, explore and experiment, observe and describe characteristics of living and non-living things.

  • Awareness of self: respect themselves and others as well as our school community, waiting one’s turn to speak and play, demonstrate an understanding of roles, rights, and responsibilities.

  • Social/Emotional Studies: Children will learn about different emotions and feelings, and deepen their knowledge of friendship, family, and community workers.

  • Visual and Performing Arts: children will express themselves and represent what they know, think, believe, and feel through visual arts, music and creative movement.

For more information, please read our Parent Handbook posted in the Forms tab.

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